PSL Soft and Living Matter days 2022 (7-8th July)

Welcome on the website of the 2nd edition of the PSL Soft and Living Matter days! This event will take place from July 7th to 8th 2022 at ESPCI in amphitheatre Boreau (C staircase, 1st floor, 10 rue Vauquelin, 75005 Paris).

For this second Edition we have decided to organize a 2-days thematic workshop focused on Living Matter at all scales (from molecules to cell assemblies), aiming to highlight the role of Soft Matter science in our endeavour to understand such complex systems.

We hope that this event devoted to Soft and Living Matter will become regular, alternating a year with a thematic workshop like in 2022 and a year with a workshop+summer school devoted to all areas of Soft Matter (as in 2021 and hopefully 2023).

In addition to the exciting line of speakers (see below), we will have several topical sessions with contributed talks and one apero-poster session on the 7th of July at 6pm. So we count on you to register to the event and submit an abstract! 

Deadline for registration and abstract submission 17 June 2022

Registration (mandatory to attend the workshop) HERE 

Abstract submission for poster/oral (you need to be registered first) HERE

Confirmed invited speakers

Françoise Brochard (Institut Curie) Granular active matter: Mixture of inert particles and living cells

Thomas Lecuit (Collège de France/U. Marseille) How is biological shape encoded?

Elisabeth Garanger (U. Bordeaux) Engineering (bio)functionality in thermo-responsive elastin-like polymers: towards (bio)functional self-assemblies

Thierry Mora (ENS) Dynamics of molecules in membrane-less cellular compartments

Bich-Thuy Doan (ENSCP) Theranostic scaffolds monitored by MRI and optical imaging for biomedical applications

Pierre Nassoy (U. Bordeaux) Core-shell hydrogel capsules to guide cell self-organization and fate in organoids and tumor models

Florence Elias (U. Paris Cité) Trapping and swimming of micro-algae in a foam

Matthieu Piel (Institut Curie) Consequences of cell and nuclear size and shape on immune and cancer cell migration

Boris Guirao (Institut Curie) Biophysical Regulation of Cell Death During Epithelial Development

Mathieu Hautefeuille (IBPS) Developmental Biology meets Organ-on-Chip technology to improve the fidelity of in vitro models

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